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Hello, my name is Carrie...

I was born in New England in the 1950’s, well, actually one week before 1960. I always loved to dance and after college, followed my dreams to New York City and managed to survive the 80’s as a dancer, exercise instructor, and waitress. Some favorite memories include dancing in a Mexican circus, being Daffy Duck, and meeting Dustin Hoffman.


A desire for more, led me to a master’s degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and a career in San Francisco.  I spent over 20 years working in psychiatric hospitals and being active in the creative arts therapy community. I later worked for The Body Positive, a non-profit dedicated to the prevention of eating disorders and then decided to return to school for another master’s degree in School Psychology.


I have since been a Licensed Educational Psychologist working in special education, helping families and students navigate the world of eligibility, needs, and services within our public schools.  


All the while, I mothered our two perfectly amazing daughters and watched my husband, Dann Zinn, become the brilliant jazz musician that he is today. My love for writing, travel, and photography is always a source of inspiration as we transition into empty nesters. You will find us working, creating, and traveling whenever we can.

If you’d like to chat, please reach out at cupofdecaf@gmail.com or find me on instagram @cupofdecaf